• It’s not easy to make coffee better, but we did it with Jollof.   Our blend combines two of the word’s best ingredients to deliver coffee innovation.

    The Best Thing Since Coffee.

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You can finally enjoy coffee without compromise.

Our unique spiced coffee combines organic Arabica beans from the African Tropics with the rainforest spice, Djar, all roasted to perfection.

The result is an extremely smooth blend with unique anti-inflammatory properties that you can enjoy all day long.

Love the flavor and smell. It’s now my new morning treat!

Marcela Conatser, Marketing Professional

As soon as this delicious coffee touched my lips I couldn’t go back to regular coffee. It is the best coffee I have ever had hands down. Couldn’t recommend buying this enough. You will not be disappointed.

Abbi Cotten, Overall Cool Human

Gives me the energy boost without the acidity.


I have this stuff almost every day. I love the taste and the quality of the energy I feel afterward. Has a distinct flavor that refreshes with every sip.


I couldn't get a better brand than Jollof Coffee. The aroma and the soothing taste blend perfectly. It enhances my focus for long hours. It makes me more productive.

Brice Zakra, Senior Software Developer

Our Journey

Teranga Foods begins with our founders, Malick and Youssouph. Immigrant brothers who have called Austin home for 20 years, and who have been drinking tea and coffee for a long time.

Our goal is to expand the African teachings of (great) food as medicine. Jollof, the world's most innovative coffee blend, is our first offering. We couldn't be happier that you've decided to join our tribe. Let's LIVE MORE.

Brew The Best

We recommend using blade grinders when brewing coffee.

Measure two tablespoons ofJollof for one of cup. Grind the coffee to your desired size based on your brewing method.

Pour-over is our favorite.

Enjoy smooth and delicious coffee without the dreaded jitters and caffeine crash.