You've Never Had Coffee This Good!

Our unique spiced coffee will dazzle you with unrivaled taste and health benefits. It combines organic Arabica beans from the African Tropics with the rainforest spice, Djar, all roasted to perfection.

Uniquely Savory With No Artificial Flavors

Jollof stands above the rest in terms of taste and refinement. 
The organic arabica bean and spice, Djar, combine to elevate the finished blend, culminating in an incomparable smoky, minty and peppery cup of coffee.

Improve Your Gut Health And Immune System

Djar, the dried seed of the aromatic tree, X. aethiopica, contains alkaloids, proteins, and essential oils which gives it anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to be effective in the treatment of:

- digestive issues and obesity

             - asthma, bronchitis and rheumatism

                                                     - toothaches

     -  menstrual pain and blood clots

                       Clean Energy With No Crash 

                                     Jollof's exceedingly low acidity gives it an almost
                                     tea-like chemistry. This means that you can enjoy it
                                  without the jitters or the dreaded coffee crash
                                    of regular coffee.  



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Malick Djiba